About Me


My name is Henry and I am a student currently studying Visual Effects Design and Production (BA Hons), at the Arts University Bournemouth, UK.

Read more about my course here: https://aub.ac.uk/courses/ba/visual-effects-design-production/


I specialize in FX work, particularly with rigid-bodies, pyro effects and cloth, however I also have skills in modelling, lighting, shader dev, rendering, scripting (Python, VEX, HScript), camera tracking, rotoscoping and digital compositing.

From a software point of view, I am familiar with Houdini, Maya, Arnold, Nuke, 3D Equalizer, Photoshop, Silhouette and on a lesser scale, Naiad (which I am in the process of learning properly).

My aim is to be working in visual effects for film in the next 18 months. I would really love to work in London or Vancouver, but I will travel for interesting projects and teams. My skills are primarily 3D, however I am familiar with multiple forms of data acquisition, such as photogrammetry, and HDRI capture/creation.


I have experience working at a very junior level with some studios. I worked with Treehouse Digital in early 2016 as a roto artist, and then later with Lift Animation, primarily as a junior DMP artist and matchmove artist.

Within my university course, I have worked on several films. Most noteably, I worked on an MA Graduate film called Starry Night, where I was a lead FX TD, Modelling and texturing artist, matchmove artist, and handled all of the technical R&D for our team. Most notably, I created a python script to generate a low-poly, CG Paris, complete with transferable UVs and textures.

See a series of blogs I have submitted on my university’s website here:¬†https://aub.ac.uk/courses/ba/visual-effects-design-production/student-journey/

Outside of the visual effects world, I am really interested in developing props and costumes. I have a hobby modifying and painting Nerf guns for films, cosplays and other uses. I’m trying to learn about metal working so I can craft more custom props.

I have a large interest in modifying different things to work in a certain way. I’m very interested in using those kinds of modification skills in applications for interior design and automation of lights and other electronics.

I currently live in Bournemouth, UK, with my very patient girlfriend, Jess.


Always feel free to get in contact with me!