“All the shit trickles down to comp”

Okay yes, comps have the unenviable task of fixing things. It’s not often glorified merging – in fact it never is. Comp is an extremely important part of the process where all the elements come together. It is essentially artistic integration.

My day-to-day is in the 3D team of the studio I work at, however I have comped some shots together in the past and have a working knowledge of Nuke, so I want to use this section as a comp resource from a more 3D centered person’s perspective.

I have a big section almost finished about how to write meaningful AOVs for use in comp (which either a 3D person can pick up, or a comp person can share with their 3D artist), which will be written for both Maya and Houdini, using Arnold as the renderer.

In time I’m hoping to release some of the homemade tools I have for Nuke, including a nice exponential glow node, and a tree builder.

Perhaps I may even share some of my own experiences with learning Flame, and how it compares to Nuke.

To get started, see the links below!


Noise for Distortion in Nuke